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Moving has never been cheap, but the prices of moving companies are just out of control, how ould you like to decide the amount of your move? Or better yet share a truck with another person that is moving in the same week or day that you are.

Wouldn't that be great to have a kind of carpool but only for trucks, with the SPLIT app you can do just that, you pay half and the second person pays the rest.

This service is much needed and the days of being afraid of moving because of the expense is now a thing of the past.

For Companies

For Drivers

Choose your hours to choose your jobs, take the only jobs that make sense to you.

You don't have to come back empty from your last trip, book a job on your way back as well, make the most of your time and double and triple your earnings.

You can also join a company or even start your own trucking company on our platform it gives you all the tools you need to achieve that.

Lastly, you can also take jobs from brokers like you usually do but the difference is that you can choose "which way you want to go”.

The best loads 

Get an Instant LTL Rate & Arrival Notification

Fill in the following info to get an LTL quote:

Origin and destination country
Origin and destination ZIP code or city and state

• Shipment weight
• Shipment dimensions (lwh)

You can also schedule a pickup and still calculate the estimated transit time, and the price adds additional services such as liftgate to customize your LTL shipping quote.


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