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SPLIT App splits into two categories 1 is freight and the second is local moving trucks, so what so unique about the SPLIT app? Well first of all its a free app that matches carriers with the shippers, but that's not all it has two significant features: one is that its a bidding platform you the shipper, ask for his price and waits for the best offer to post.

The second feature is that it allows you to share the truck with another shipper and by doing so creating a kind of car pool, and reducing the truck fee significantly.

Bid on the loads you want to haul. We pay carriers within one week.


We are continually negotiating with new shippers to bring quality loads to our platform shippers in the country. Choose the loads you want, the lanes you want and get paid weekly without ACH fees. Download the SPLIT app and get started.


Want to grow your empire of freight drivers and shippers? SPLIT is the platform for you; we invite talented brokers with a big vision that want to join our platform.

The SPLIT platform is a tool to empower drivers, users, and last but not least the brokers, unlike UBER or CONVOY that are challenging your stake in the freight industry, the SPLIT app is like your own Quickbooks, but for logistics.

You see we give you tools to grow and streamline your workflow, instead of today's conventional method of calling 20 drivers every day.

Heres how it works you post all your loads and your drivers receives a notification on their end, they can choose to bid on it or give you a counteroffer, but the best thing is that everything is happening in the background you don't need to do a thing except collect your commissions.

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